Plant Biotechnology

Project Advantages

The Company has licensing agreements with several research and development biotechnology companies specializing in plant polyploidy, soil microbiology and micro propagation. These agreements offer the Company a number of competitive advantages as polyploidy, soil microbiology and micro propagation provide greater yields in less time, realizing lower costs of production, resulting in greater profitability. Our licensing agreements position the company to produce millions of elite plants for commercial lumber, afforestation/reforestation and phytoremediation projects throughout the world.

Polyploid Plants:

  • Grow faster, maturing in 1/3rd less time than comparable diploid plant stock;
  • Grow larger, achieving about 130% of their parent’s mass in that shorter timeframe;
  • Can be adapted to meet specific commercial and/or environmental needs;
  • Can be propagated rapidly and consistently using proprietary Accelerated Propagation System – PAPS™.