Nursery Saplings

PURA BioTech will  fulfill custom order tree seedlings of genetical superior plant material cultivated in our state of the art micropropagation laboratory. Micropropagation is the technique of producing selected plants of known desirable agriculture qualities, in large numbers of plants from small pieces of plant in relatively short periods of time. It is a method of rapid propagation under controlled disease free conditions.

From superior tissue culture species processed though an automated propagation system consisting of a special developed paper pot machine, customized eco-friendly membrane wrapping and special developed propagation trays our nursery operations will custom grow a variety of plant material for land restoration and reforestation.

The company will construct computerized retractable roof greenhouse system or RRPS creating superior results using a system that combines the benefits of climate optimization, nature and protection. The result of genetically superior plant stock prepared in smarter propagation systems in greenhouses grown hardy throughout the growing process – The PURA difference.