Timber Management

Sustainably managed forests are our future – Forestry is the business of growing trees and, as a business, its goals are to maximize plant yields while minimizing inputs whether “yield” takes the form of high-value timber.

The continual increasing demand for quality timber, combined with global trends to restrict the logging of natural rain forests and old-growth forests.

Paulownia trees are the fastest growing trees in the world growing 15 – 20 feet per year.

Paulownia trees are able to grow in marginal quality soil and  are disease resistant. 


Tree Sapling Nursery

Nursery-grown plant materials provide hardy acclimated saplings to be deployed in reforestation, phytoremediation and erosion control projects.

PURA will focus on execution of bringing millions of elite high yielding polyploid trees saplings to market. The company will operate a state of the are tissue culture plantlets while maintaining the safety and health of our employees and the environment.

The plantation will construct and manage a series of fully-automated greenhouses ato grow tree saplings for sale to governmental agencies and large-scale afforestation, reforestation, erosion control and phytoremediation, and carbon credit projects.

Phytoremediation of Toxic Soils

Phytoremediation is the use of plants and their natural microorganisms to stabilize or reduce contamination in soils and surface water and groundwater. 

Trees with broad-leaves, such as Paulownia, Popular, and Willow trees in the phytoremediation of contaminated soils constitutes a cost-efficient method for restoring mining areas and landfills,

Our company will acquire marginalized land and management site preparation, irrigation, planting and full care of the timber plantation through harvesting and delivery to timber processors.

Phytoremediation, is a proven process for removal of toxic heavy metals, is cost-effective, non-intrusive and aesthetically pleasing.methods are efficient, eco-friendly and economic.