G. F. “Bud” Clark, CEO/Chairman

G.F. “Bud” Clark, Managing Partner

Mr. Clark brings more than 35 years of executive leadership and strategic planning experience to the Company. While CEO of one of the largest wholesale foliage growers in the United States, Mr. Clark managed agricultural facilities with annual sales of $68 million. The company’s facilities included large-scale tissue culture plant propagation, nursery and planting operations.

In 2015, Mr. Clark provided supply-side logistic execution for 3,750,000 Paulownia saplings to fulfill contracts between the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, USAID, and the US EPA. Creation of a dedicated large-scale tissue culture lab, combined with tactical placement of dozens of HUB nurseries.

In 2016, Mr. Clark and Dr. Barlow met with the Panama Canal Authority to discuss existing erosion control issues as well as mining tail water remediation and biofuel solutions to meet mandated biofuel quotas.

2019: Mr. Clark, working with Freestone Environmental meet with governmental officials in Paraguay to present PURA Timber development and remediation solutions for Ypacaraí Lake algae and toxins. 

Mr. Clark served his military duty in Vietnam receiving a battlefield commission. He is the recipient of two Silver Stars and a Bronze Star for Valor along with two Purple Hearts during his military tour as an ARMY LRRP.

Mr. Clark holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Marketing and is a past member of the American Society of Pension Actuaries.