Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe…

Corporate social responsibility is about the integration of social, environmental, and economic considerations into the decision-making structures and processes of business. It is about using innovation to find creative and value-added solutions for the communities we serve and environmental challenges.

Corporate social responsibility is about engaging shareholders and other stakeholders and collaborating with them to more effectively manage potential risks and build credibility and trust. It is about not only complying with the law in a diligent way but also about taking into account the community’s needs and finding more effective ways to satisfy existing and anticipated demands in order to build more sustainable businesses.


Ultimately, it is about delivering improved shareholder and debt holder value, providing enhanced goods and services for customers, building trust and credibility in the communities in which the business operates, and becoming more sustainable over the longer term.

While there are different ways to frame the benefits because they are interrelated, they generally include the following:

  • Measurable and transparent financial performance;
  • Profitability through operational efficiency gains;
  • Improved relations with the investment community and better access to capital;
  • Strong community relationships;
  • Enhanced employee relations that yield better results respecting recruitment, motivation, retention, learning and innovation, and productivity;
  • Respected reputation and branding message;